Instagram Management Services

Instagram is a wonderfully vibrant image based social media platform.  It’s also quite difficult to be seen amongst the crowd.

Our Instagram management services are designed to give you consistency & vibrancy in a bid to get your images seen by as many people as possible.

Instagram Management Services Page Image - IG Logo

How Does It Work

As will all the social media management services, the first thing we would need to do is understand what you want to achieve from being on this platform as well as what voice you wish to use in your posts.

Hashtag Research

This platform relies quite heavily on hashtags (though currently there is some discussion around this) so we would perform & continue to perform hashtag research in a bid to find the best hashtags to use in order to gain as much exposure as possible.

Competitor Research

Competitor research is something we would naturally carry out with all clients across all platforms.  It pays to be aware of who you are competing with on social media, how they are using it & to what affect.

Content Game Plan

We would work with you to come up with a content game plan.  What we will be posting.  How you want your images to look.  What sort of images you wish us to promote & where these images are coming from.

Photography Services

Our photography services may well be useful to those clients wishing to have a fabulous presence on Instagram if they are struggling to get or take quality photos of their own.  The quality of your images is so important for ALL social media platforms, but particularly for Instagram.

Instagram Strategy

This involves us coming up with a strategy for when we will post & how we engage with others.  How often we will post.  How much time needs to be spent engaging with potential clients, possible collaborators & influencers.

Monthly Retainer

Again, this is an ongoing service that requires constant monthly engagement to make it really work for you there it is only available on a monthly retainer basis.  Our minimum contract is for 3 months, payable monthly by BACS in advance.

For more information on prices etc, please contact us.