“It’s not about what you know, or who you know, but about who knows you” – Susanne Roanne

Social Media Marketing is the name given to the process of gaining more exposure & reach for your business using the various social media platforms available to you.

Who Am I?

Hi, I am Nicky & I have worked in online marketing since 2004 when I first started out as a Search Engine Marketing Consultant.

Since then I have started & grown my own businesses online & marketed other people’s businesses via social media.

My areas of expertise are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.

How Can I Help You?

By creating a social media strategy designed to put your business in front of more people, more often.  Whether you are a street food vendor on the pop up or event circuit, a coffee bar, a bistro or a restaurant, I can help you to be seen & heard by your target audience more often.

How Does This Work?

The first step would be for me to understand exactly how your business works currently, what mediums you are using & how you are using them.

Together we would discuss your social media aims.

Your current social activity would be analysed with your aims in mind & then a strategy would be created tailored to help you achieve your aims & objectives.

Measurable goals would be set in line with your aims & objectives, which will be tracked by me & reported to you monthly.

This service is ideal for you if you want to:

  • Increase booking sales
  • Increase people’s awareness of your establishment
  • Increase your customer satisfaction
  • Identify and establish relationships with social media influencers

As part of this service you will receive advice on what sort of content you should be using for the social platform you are targeting (facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) as well as when & how often to post to them.

So, if this all sounds like the perfect recipe for your business, I would love to hear from you